A young girls has big aspirations

Madiyash is a new recruit at Barefoot College who has been hired by Digital Empowerment Foundation as a coordinator. She is 18 years old and aims to be a journalist. After carrying out her responsibilities at work, Madiyash walks back home every day. It’s about a 15-20 -minute walk, and Madiyash tries to be home before sunset so that her family doesn’t get too worked up about her safety. At home, she helps her family in the household chores. At work, she is a promising and hardworking young lady who trains children in computers and plays with children in the primary school; at home, she is contributing to her family income. Madiyash had to put a break to her studies after Class XII. Her father died unexpectedly, and the family didn’t have enough money to support the higher education of all their children simultaneously.

The eldest daughter was married and the family decided to let the middle child — Madiyash’s elder brother — continue engineering. Madiyash now hopes to go to college next year, after her brother has graduated from college and found a job for himself. In her free time at Barefoot College, she reads news on her phone or the work stations and looks up for possible courses she can pursue she also watches news bulletins on YouTube to practice her skills. Madiyash is hoping that in a couple of years, she will be able to contribute as a freelance online reporter and share stories from Tilonia and nearby areas with the rest of the world. Madiyas is now set to be trained in using Apple devices, so that she can assist Haseena, a computer trainer at Barefoot College, in teaching children how to use iMac applications like Pages, Keynote and Numbers.

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