For this strategic period between 2020-2023, W4C’s focus is to provide affordable and sustainable connectivity solutions for providing the last mile wireless connectivity in remotest areas of India.  W4C as a programme, therefore, aims to have the following priorities

Priority I: Create a network of micro and nano entrepreneurs for providing the low-cost connectivity solutions in their villages

Priority II: Providing effective and relevant digital skills and network deployment skills specifically targeting women to take the advantage of connectivity in engaging, trade and transact, and partner with stakeholders

Priority III: Liberalising the PMWani in contributing towards creating new economic opportunities for small vendors including micro and nano entrepreneurs. In result, it will help India to embrace public Wi-Fi beyond apprehensions


The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown necessities have upended social and economic processes, access and delivery of services, trade and transactions and affected all segments of social and economic groups adversely in India, as in world over. The regressive impact has been unprecedented and paralyzing for the forward moving and emerging social and economic players until the Covid-19 posed a devastating roadblock.

Covid-19 has forced to confront both – challenges and opportunities. As Covid-19 has / had necessitated to identify, access, deploy and use effective and relevant digital technology, tools, platforms and resources to keep going social and economic processes. For the micro and nano entrepreneurs, digital transformation is not just using apps or social media; it has to be aligned to the nature of business with clearly defined metrics to justify the efforts and the investment. Hence, there are reasons for the micro/independent entrepreneurs to embrace digital transformation which are crucial especially in the context of COVID 19. Low-cost technology adoption will be effective to identify new customers as existing customers may be cash-strapped, may have reduced demand or may have simply perished on account of COVID crisis. Strategic digital support would enable them to help generate new leads and also customize the solutions based on the new demands that bubble up. Adopting the digital journey can ensure that existing customers are serviced effectively, thus leading to harvesting of new opportunities.