Our Evolution

S.N Year Milestones achieved
1 2010 1.     Inception of the initiative

2.     Collaborated with Media Lab Asia (MLA), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeiTy) for setting the first community wireless network centre at Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh

2 2011 1.     Expanded its reach to three locations in Tura (Meghalaya) and Baran and Tilonia in Rajasthan

2.     Wireless network training programme reached to Bangladesh and Bhutan

3 2012 Reached to 8 locations, built a unique 200-kilometre wireless network for the Sahariya tribe in Baran district of Rajasthan. Collected 10 centres located within a range of 40 kilometres.
4 2013 A big wireless network established in Guna with support from Ford Foundation, connecting over 100 node users.
5 2014 Wireless network becomes a strategic tool for CIRCs established by DEF
6 2015 Build expertise in wireless technology, promoting the idea of rural ISP or community ISP; establishing new social enterprise called VOIN (Villages of India Network)
7 2016 W4C reaches over 4000 stakeholders through 200+ access points across 38 districts in 18 states
8 2017 1.     Project Zero Connect reaches the Salt farmers of Little Rann of Kutch

2.     Joins the movement of community network under Internet Governance Forum

3.     Initiated Community Network Exchange (CNX)

9 2018 1.     Integration of wireless network with Smartpur programme

2.     Established over 250 access points by connecting hub and spoke centres in 10 districts of 7 states

3.     Developed Barefoot Wireless Engineer (BWE) curriculum in partnership with Commonwealth for Learning (COL) for illiterate and semi-literate community members to learn wireless networking while on the go

10 2019 Funded by APC to expand the wireless network to community radio stations in setting up and managing of the wireless network in Wanaparthy (Telegana) and Protovillage (Andhra Pradesh)
11 2020 Expansion of Barefoot Wireless Engineer (BWE) training programme in African countries – Ghana; Uganda and Nigeria
12 2021