Inter-Networking of Networks: Shivpuri-Baran-Guna

Year: 2015-2016

Funded by: ISOC


  1. Created a wireless mesh network in three locations
  2. Connected three separate community networks to each other through intranet to share local content with each other
  3. To connect Baran from Guna, the project took backhaul connectivity from Guna to Umri (hopping station) to Bamori to Kurka to Nahargarh. This way, the project created three new hopping stations.
  4. While connecting Guna to Shivpuri, the project connected Umri to Kuttiyawad to Dungasara to Badarwas to Lukwasa to Kolras. As a result, five new hopping stations have been established to connect Guna to Shivpuri.
  5. Built technical capacity by training members of the local community in wireless networking
  6. Leveraged backhaul Internet connectivity from one location to connect other locations