Green Village Centre in Daun, West Champaran, Bihar

Year: 2018-2019

Funded by: The Internet Society

Digital Village Centre is the phase-8 of the W4C programme aiming to establish wireless network centres in two tribal locations of Daun region – Naurangiya and Bankatwa. These wireless network centres are serving as central points of connectivity for local public institutions. The centre facilitated unrestricted digital access to knowledge available online for community members, besides providing an array of services like digital literacy, digital services, information services, solar engineering training and wireless network skill building programmes.


  1. Deploy solar energy-powered Zero Connect’s Internet-in-a-Box solution in two locations of Daun region – Bankatwa and Naurangiya panchayats
  2. Provide wireless Internet connectivity in the two regions
  3. Provide solar and wireless network training to community members to sustain the centre and create local entrepreneurs
  4. Improve educational and livelihood opportunities by introducing rural entrepreneurship models based on community networks
  5. Enable easy and seamless access to information and information services available online


  1. Establishment two wireless centres with digital infrastructure
  2. Various door-to-door mobilization camps and campaigns were conducted enabling them to access information and information services online
  3. Integrated MeraApp service to provide the government schemes and entitlement related information service at household level
  4. Engaging with local youth as fellows to integrate entrepreneurship model and transform these fellows as ‘Information Entrepreneurs’

Target Location: Daun, West Champaran, Bihar