Advocating for connecting the remaining 3.5 billion since 2017

Community Network Exchange (CNX) is an initiative of Digital Empowerment Foundation to constantly empower communities, especially marginalised and information-dark communities throughout Asia Pacific Region, with the power of information and know-how of community networks.

Organised as an annual workshop supported by APAC and the Internet Society, CNX 2017 saw community network operators from Asia Pacific engaging with each other to share their models, problems and solutions. The next CNX identified synergies between community networks and community radios in an effort to promote public Wi-Fi system across Asia Pacific.

At the core, CNX works on three levels — Training & Exchange, Knowledge & Network, Research & Advocacy. Through these levels, it aims to develop a comprehensive and self-contained guide to strengthen grassroots expertise by training community members in basic wireless technology and organise country-level exchange programmes for learners and barefoot wireless network engineers.

Most recently, 10 international community network operators underwent a 10-day training programme in Guna, Madhya Pradesh, to understand community networks in the Indian context under the Community Network Championship. Under Knowledge & Network.

Status: Ongoing

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