Women Entrepreneur

Following are a few selected case studies of trainees under the W2E2 programme who have successfully started using computers and internet to improve their livelihood. Some of them aspire to become entrepreneurs while others want to spread the knowledge they have gained wide across their community.

Name: Gyarshi Devi

Gyarshi Devi, 49, a founding member and key leader of Jagrut Mahila Sangathan, testifies to the changes brought by the W4C to her community. “We have benefited a great deal from the connectivity. Our membership has grown mainly because women now find it much easier to come together and discuss their problems through video conferencing. They don’t have to go far to attend meetings or inform the organisation of their problems. All they need do is to go to their nearest centre and get in touch with us,” she says. “In 2002 we started with only about 250 women. But since 2011 we have grown our membership to more than 1,500 women. Connectivity has enabled us to communicate with people easily and spread our message. We have also become much more empowered as we can get information on our entitlements under various government schemes as well as other relevant information much more easily.”


Name: Aamina Sheikh
Address: Village – Devri , Tehsil – Shahbaad, District Baran, Rajasthan
Qualification : B.A
Activity : Works with Doosra Dashak Pariyojna Sanstha

She always wanted to work for the benefit of people. She got to know about W2E2 Program from a DEF employee, Mr Vijay Roy, she gained knowledge of Google first and later learnt how to type in Hindi and how to send an E-mail. Now she can access Google maps, results of various examinations, information on government schemes etc. She is also connected to Facebook and she helps other villagers to create Facebook and Gmail Id. She feels proud when villagers or women contact her to learn computer or to get any information.


Name: Anita
Address: Village – Mahodra, Gram Panchayat – Mahodra, Tehsil Shahbaad, District – Baran , State – Rajasthan
Qualification: 12th Pass

Anita first learned how to use computers and now she is teaching others as well. She taught women of her community how to start and shut down the computer. Later, she moved to basics of computers which included MS Paint, Excel, Word, and Notepad etc. She has also used internet and laptop in some special trainings like Art of Mehandi, Art of stitching and pickles making etc. Her dependency on paper work is almost zero now, because she is managing all her data on laptop. She loves to watch videos on YouTube. She also showed inspirational and motivational videos to other women of her community with the intention to empower them.


Name: Aruna Thakur
Address: Village- Khankhra, Gram Panchayat -Khankhra, Tehsil – Kishanganj, District- Baran, Rajasthan
Qualification: B.A

Aruna was born in an economically poor family so she is aware of the challenges one faces because of the lack of resources. She always wanted to support poor people of her community. Married and a mother of two, she decided to learn and work for the community. She believes that W2E2 is the only program through which women and other community members can access information at their door step. She also facilitates other community members in creating Facebook and Gmail Id. Villagers mostly prefer to visit her centre whenever they require any information related to government schemes.


Name: Reena Sahariya
Address: Village- Pipalda (Rundi) , Post Chinod – Tehsil – Kishanganj, District- Baran, Rajasthan
Qualification: Pursuing B.A
Activities: Volunteer at Doosra Dashak

Eighteen-year old Reena Sahariya passed her Class XII examinations in 2009. After joining a W4C digital literacy course in 2011, she acquired the skills needed to run the Mamoni CIRC’s digital literacy programmes, and to teach children how to use computers. Reena is now going to participate in DEF’s Helping Women Go Online programme. “I want to become a computer teacher as computers are a great learning tool,” she says. At the Mamoni CIRC, Reena is being assisted by 18-year old Basanti Bheel another Dushra Dashak alum who passed her Class X examinations in 2013. “I teach as well as learn myself. Now I want to learn Photoshop and perhaps will be able to do photography and design work in future. But I too want to be a computer teacher,” she says.


Name: Basanti Bheel
Address : Bhilan Mahodari, Baran, Rajsathan
Qualification: Pursuing 12th

She never came out of her village till 10th Standard of her education. Later she got an opportunity to attend 4 months camp/workshop with the organisation ‘Doosra Dashak’ where she met and interacted with girls of other villages. Initially it was very tough for her to adjust with unknown people because she stayed only with her parents and siblings but gradually she adjusted. She enrolled herself for further education through distance learning. She knew that just academic education is not enough for her overall development so she enrolled herself with W2E2 program and learned about computers so she can teach the same skills to others. She also gives information to other villagers about various government schemes like MGNREGA, NRLM, and NRHM etc.


Name: Hemlata
Qualification: 12th Pass

Her younger brother helped her in learning computers in the year 2010. But soon, she forgot most of what she learned because of not having access to a computer/laptop at her home. Later, she got another opportunity to learn computers through the W2E2 program where she gained additional knowledge like Facebook, Gmail apart from basics of computers. She also learned about using a camera. Now she is teaching basics of computers that include Excel, PowerPoint, and Paint etc. Villagers contact her to get information related to government schemes. Mainly students contact her to get information of schools, colleges, universities and scholarships. She has a very strong hold now on community members and due to her abilities, villagers consider her a very respectable figure in the community.


Name: Radha Gurjar
Qualification: Pursuing B.A

It was dream come true for Radha when she managed to work on a laptop. She is good learner as well as a good teacher who is teaching basics of computers and internet to girls and children in her village. She is like a one – woman army who is trying to convert her village into ‘A digital literate village’. She never knew that most of the information is available on the internet can be accessed by anybody, anywhere. She believes that effective and authentic information is the key to success and she feels proud when she provides information to the villagers.


Name: Raksha Bharghav

Raksha never had her own laptop. She got a laptop under the W2E2 Programme. She loves to learn and teach about computers. Under W2E2 program she has learned typing, Hindi typing, Email, Google search, Excel and Paint etc. She is now teaching her community what she has learned in the W2E2 programme. She has also organised special trainings for women like making pickles, mehandi art, Stitching, embroidery etc. She feels that such initiative can transform lives by providing them access to technology and information. Now she maintains reports, accounts and data on her laptop. She is also trying to spread awareness about digital literacy and digitisation.


Name: Seema Gurjar
Qualification: Pursuing Graduation.

Her father is a small farmer but her family knew the role and importance of education. Somehow her parents managed to handle expenses of her education. Seema strongly feels that expenses on her education were not exactly expenses, in reality it was an investment. Now she wants to make feel her parents feel proud by earning a name, fame and money in the society. She strongly feels that joining W2E2 program is one of the major steps to achieve her dreams. She is already a popular figure in her community. Many girls of her village are grateful to her for empowering them by providing Digital literacy. She is now capable of searching information on Google, Sending Emails, YouTube and job searching and many more other tasks through internet.


Name: Rasomati Sarkar
Address: Tehsil- Kishanganj, District-Baran, Rajasthan.

It was W2E2 Programme through which Rasomati learned about computers. Now she is teaching the same skills to other women of her community. She is not just a trainer, but is also campaigning to promote the importance of computer education and digitisation. Now she also helps her community to fill up forms of old age pension, applications of Adhaar, net banking, ticket bookings. She also gives information to community members related to government schemes. She is well trained on filling application of ‘Right to information’.


Name: Saiyadda Koshar Ansari

Saiyadda Koshar Ansari, 33 is a highly skilled Chanderi weaver with more than 12 years of experience under her belt. Having never seen nor operated a computer, Saiyadda was keen to participate in the W4C’s W2E2 programme, and became one of the first women in Chanderi to enroll in its basic computer skills course. In less than three months, she has not only become adept in navigating through spreadsheet and word processing applications but has also learnt how to use the Internet for e-ticketing, mobile recharge, and banking transactions. “I think it is good to learn computers as it empowers us womenfolk,” she says. She aspires to become a designer of Chanderi sarees and to further develop the traditional art form using computer aided design and the Internet as a learning, research and marketing tool. “I am not so bothered about making money, I am more interested in teaching children from my community the skills I have learnt. Computer training is essential,” she says. Saiyadda has been chosen as one of the trainers under a Google-backed DEF programme called Helping Women Go Online. At the moment she is mulling over how she can best use her newly acquired skills to launch her own business, but she seems decided about one thing: she must open a centre to teach computer.


Name: Prachi Singhai
Address: Balakhani Masjid Chanderi
Education: Pursuing M.A
Activity: Stitching

Prachi is really good in academics and is an active learner too. She knows stitching and painting but has also realized that digital skills is need of era. Thus she decided to join W2E2 programme to improve her skills. Now she knows basics of computer and internet. She is really good in finding information on internet and can book railway tickets on request of her community members. On the basis of the knowledge gained through W2E2 programme, she teaches computers application to other community members. Other villagers, especially her community women really respect her and she is not less than role model for them.


Name: Shanu Jain
Address: Sadar Bazar Chanderi
Education: BCA
Activity: Computers + Tally (5.4) + Stitching

Shanu is preparing for government job but apart from that she is self-employed too. She runs a boutique at her home where she stiches kurta, blouse and suits. Joining W2E2 program changed her way of work and now she does it with the help of technology. She learnt designing from W2E2 program and now creates designs on her computer. She also has an advantage over her competitors due to her digital skills. According to her “W2E2 is responsible for enhancing her skills”.


Name: Hemlata Koli
Address: Pashiyapura
Education: B.A pass and pursuing B.Ed
Activity: Computers + Tally (5.4) + Stitching

Her father is weaver in Chanderi and weaving is main source of livelihood for her family. She is also involved in weaving activity along with her studies. She never thought of learning basics of computers neither did she know anything about internet. It was W2E2 program which made her capable of thinking out of the box. She learnt basics of computers and internet. Today she is capable of printing, scanning, photocopying and photography. In the longer run, she wants to learn designing on computers so that she can add more creativity in her weaving activity.


Name: Krishna Koli
Address: Bahar Sehar
Education: Pursing M.A
Activity: Reporter in Radio Station

Krishna Koli, 28, comes from a weaver’s family but has opted to become a radio jockey at the local community radio called Chanderi Ki Awaz after completing her studies seven years ago. “I had some previous training in computers but had no idea how to use the Internet. This was a weakness in my work as I personally could not use the Internet to do background research for various programmes I was planning as a radio reporter and programme host. I am very thankful to Chanderiyaan for giving me this opportunity to learn how to use the Internet. Now not only can I do research and collect background material but also connect with other radio stations, and communicate with people using e-mail and other channels,” she says. Krishna is also looking at various ventures that can be launched using her skills. “I am now learning about how to start a business and run it so I have not decided yet. Let me learn a bit more and then I will decide,” she says. After uploading her resume on Naukri.com, Krishna recently received a job offer as an audio editor, but she says she prefers to instead continue her training under the W2E2.


Shabana Bano

Shabana works in the Anganwadi center of Chanderi where she is in-charge of maintaining attendance, monthly reporting, and vaccination for children. She has been in this profession for the past 7 years before which, she was involved with weaving for 3 years. Shabana desires to own a cyber café cum design and training center, where she would dedicate a couple of systems for designing purposes while some other computers would be installed for local visitors to access internet. She would also like to teach designing to local enthusiasts who currently draw designs manually but aspire to be computer designers. With her knowledge from W2E2 program, Shabana also intends to bring a change in the Anganwadi System of Chanderi by digitalizing the process.

Name: Shanti Koli
Address: Ashok Nagar, Chanderi
Activity: Self-employed

She had never seen laptop/computer in her life. It was platform of W2E2 program where she interacted with laptop/computer first time and now she has access on printer, scanner, laptop which she received from W2E2 program. She is running a computer centre in her community where she is teaching basics of computer application and internet. Her centre also has the facilities of photocopying, scanning, printing, passport size photograph etc. According to her, W2E2 transformed her life and due to W2E2 program, she is earning her livelihood.


Name: Bhawna Dubey
Address: Futa Kuan Chanderi
Education: B. A
Activity: Stiching, Teaching

She is the first women in her family who learnt basics of computers and internet. Recently she received a laptop, a printer and a photo printer through W2E2 program and is now planning to open a computer center in her own community where she will teach basics of computers and internet to those girls or women who don’t have access to technology due to social barriers. She can now comfortably to use Gmail, Facebook etc. She also knows how to fill forms on the internet. Recently she got hands-on training on Photoshop as well.


Name: Suchitra R.Marak

Thirty-three year-old Suchitra R.Marak, who works as a secretary at a self-help group cluster in Tura, wants to make sure that she can provide effective leadership to the women with whom she works. The training she received from the W2E2 programme, she says, will enable her to manage her cluster’s data online, learn about and share various government schemes with other women, and use online banking services to transact with self-help group members. In the longer run, she wants to use social networking sites such as Facebook for marketing her self-help group’s products.


Name: Jaanu A. Sangma

Janu A. Sangma, a 32-year old teacher in a local school, is determined to help transform the lives of women and children living in the Garo hills. The W2E2 training programme, she said, gave her a new perspective on empowerment through education. “This was a dream come true, to learn how to use computers and then get an opportunity to teach other women and children in my community how to use ICT tools,” she says. “I had no idea how much we can transform our lives by accessing information through the Internet and by learning how to use computers and information technology.” She now organises classes to teach children mathematics, English and science using her laptop and the Internet connectivity provided by the W4C project.


Name: Tengkrimchi Nora T Sangma
Educational Qualification: 12th pass
Age: 24

Tengkrimchi Nora T Sangma is a 24 year old female. She is currently pursuing BA programme from distance learning education mode and is also an entrepreneur. Before starting her own initiative, Tengrimchi worked in a computer shop as a typist. She had a dream to start a computer shop of her own. When she came to know about DEFs initiative (W2E2) she came, got selected and completed 3 months training. During her 3 months training she learned how to work on MS word, Excel, PPT, online activity, PageMaker etc. After starting her own center, Tengkrimchi earns more than two hundred in a day approx. and Rs 5000 in a month. She is also supporting her family.

Name: Polina G Sangma
Educational Qualification: 10th pass
Age: 25

Ms. Polina G. Sangma is a young motivated women who was working as a data entry operator in Shillon, (about 450 km from her home). Due to her family problems she decided to come back so she can stay with her mother. Polina was quite disappointed as she decided to quit her job. After returning home, she started working as a helper in some store. Polina got selected in W2E2 initiative and successfully completed her 3 months training. With the help of laptop and other devices which she received under W2E2 programme, she started her job from her home. Now, she earns around Rs. 5000 a month and leads a happy life. Polina spends 1-2 hour daily in teaching computer to other children and women. She plans to purchase one more computer on installment to engage others and enhance her own learning opportunities. Polina is grateful towards DEF for supporting her to become an entrepreneur.

Name of Respondent: Effoline Marak
Educational Qualification: 12th Pass
Age: 38

Effoline Marak is 38 year old lady who is enthusiastic to learn new things. Effoline is working as a voluntary health worker under church organization. She belongs to a remote village. Her main objective is to help villagers by spreading all information related to health, provided by Govt. of Meghalaya. After completing her three months training she initiated Village Health Index Register. She started earning by doing the same for others. Another important source of earning for her was selling different health schemes form the government to village people. Since, it is very difficult to get this kind of form in the village. Effoline use to download and store soft copy in her system. She sold them whenever needed. She also taught computer application in the evening. Through all these efforts Effoline earns 3-4 thousand in a month.

Name of Respondent: Lethina W Sangma
Educational Qualification: 12th Pass
Age: 40

Lethina W. Sangma is a 40 year old lady who studied till class XII, she works for a church organization called Seventh Day Adventist Church. She works with women division of the same. She has a desire to open new door of opportunities for the Garo women. After successful completion of her training, she started spreading digital literacy with a minimum charge especially for young women. She trains many women. Besides this she offers different citizen services like printing photocopying, scaning, printing passport photo etc. She also provides information and forms for different scholarship programme.


Name of Respondent: Hellen K. Sangma
Educational Qualification: 12th Pass
Age: 36

Hellen K. Sangma is a Garo women of 37 years of age. She always had a keen desire to spread computer education in different parts of the hills. After successful completion of training she started her center at her village. She started digital literacy training for young people, women and for senior people. Besides this she provides all digital services including online shopping facility. It is important for Hellen to digitally literate her village. She earns 4-5 thousand in month.


Name of Respondent: Lucky Merry G Momin
Educational Qualification:10th Pass
Age: 22

Lucky Merry G. Momin is a young woman of 22 years, who has studied till class X. She has a desire to work for people and to make herself independent. She joined and successfully completed training and has opened a center at her village. She had an aim to empower her village people through ICT and information and has started disseminating public scheme information among rural people so that people can apply.
She is trying to provide all basic services to community people so that without any travel or effort, people can get all information and forms at their door step. In her center all types of forms such as birth certificate, death certificate; driving license, postal insurance etc. are available. She offers all basic services like photocopying, scaning, printing and other digital services. She earns an amount of 3-4 thousand rupees and is supporting her family.


Name: Sunita Mahato

Until early 2014, 22-year old Sunita Mahato, whose husband is a subsistence farmer, managed her home and the education of her two children with a household income of less than USD100 (Rs 6,000) a month. Empowered by new vocational skills, digital literacy and access to the Internet, she now leads five self-help groups (SHGs) working in such areas as piggery, poultry, and vermicompost and biopesticide production. She uses ICT tools to maintain the operational accounts of the SHGs she leads, and to keep track of their sales and inventories. Sunita, who had limited learning opportunities past secondary school, comes from a community that belongs to what the Indian government has termed Other Backward Castes (OBC). She lives in Rupru, a remote village on the hills some 50 kilometres away from Ranchi, the capital of one of India’s least developed states Jharkhand. “I had never even dreamt of seeing a computer let alone touching it and using it. But now I use the computer in various ways,” she says. She wants to become a master trainer so she could teach more women and children in her village how to use the computer and the Internet. “That will also help me earn some money because I will be charging a fee for the training,” she adds.


Name: Rita Devi
Address: Vill+Post- Rajadera, P.S.- Angara, Dist- Ranchi (Jharkhand)
Educational Qualification: 12th Pass

Driven with the zeal to change the status of women and to empower them in her community, Rita joined Birsha Seva Perkalp and later joined the Bal Sanskar Kendra where she worked for 4 years. She is also promoting health awareness in the village. She facilitated skill based trainings for community women on vermicomposting, food processing, fishery and sustainable farming. She trained herself in screen printing and later worked as a school teacher in a private school. She joined digital literacy program and started using her newly acquired digital skills in screen printing.


Name: Sheela Devi
Address: Vill- Soopa, Post- Rajadera, Panchayat-Rajadera, P.S-Angara Dist- Ranchi (Jharkhand)
Educational Qualification: 10th Pass
Activity: Agriculture

She belongs to a family of farmers, so she decided to attend training workshop on sustainable agriculture and vermicomposting. With this training, she developed her own compost and now uses it in her own farms which lead to increase in productivity without any chemical fertilizer. Today, she promotes sustainable agriculture by selling compost and making bio-fertilizers. Apart from agricultural practices, she also had interest in computers. Her interest and curiosity made her enroll for the W2E2 program where she gained knowledge of computers. Now she uses her digital knowledge by preparing Self Help Group’s reports on the computer etc.


Name: Seromani Gari
Address: Vill+Post- Rajadera, P.S.- Angara, Dist- Ranchi (Jharkhand)
Educational Qualification: 10th Pass

Due to many social and economic factors, she left education after 10th standard. On the basis of the knowledge he had, she got job in Xavier Social Society and started teaching. After four years of working there, she joined Kansa Society where she was nominated as an Anganbari Sevika. Enrollment in W2E2 program was a turning point in her life. It was her first interaction with computer/laptop. Despite initial issues, she learnt computers very well. She is now capable of making Anganbari reports through the help of laptop and printer. She also gives digital services to other village people.


Name: Ms. Sona Devi
Address: Vill+Post+Panchayat-Rajadera, P.S.-Angara, District – Ranchi (Jharkhand)
Educational Qualification: B.A
Activity: Primary Teacher

Sona Devi finished her education after her marriage. She works and takes care of her entire family. With her hard work and perseverance she got selected as teacher in the nearest government school. She knew that just educational qualification was not enough for her overall development and having knowledge of computers is very important, so she decided to learn computers along with her job and family responsibilities. Computer was not less than an alien machine for her. During discussion with her, we found that she never used a computer before. Despite initial hesitation, she is now capable to use computer for any of her school related works, such as managing reports. She also servs her community by providing services like photocopy, printout and clicking passport size photos.


Name: Anita Devi
Address: Vill+Post- Rajadera, P.S.- Angara, Dist- Ranchi (Jharkhand)
Educational Qualification: 9th Pass
Activity: Fishing

She is very a strong woman whose economic and social background is not strong. She decided to take care of her family when the only earning member of family, her husband, fell terribly ill and no one else was there to support her. She attended training on Mahua processing and started trading other products like pickles, sweets, and sauce made from Mahua flower. Currently, she runs a small eatery(dhaba) and wanted to open a digital service corner within the dhaba for local community. She envisions her dhaba as a place where people can come, enjoy food and also avail digital services like document printing, photo printing, internet browsing and many more at nominal prices. She wants more women to learn computers and become digitally literate as it will open the door to infinite possibilities for them just like it did for her.


Name: Jyoti Kachhap
Address: Vill- Heral Khira Toli, P.O. Heral, P.S. Angara, Dist- Ranchi (Jharkhand)
Educational Qualification: 12th Pass
Activity: Vermicomposting and Piggery

She got married while she was studying but unlike others, she was enough lucky to continue her studies. She started working as school teacher in the nearest private school and attended training sessions on sustainable agriculture where she learnt about animal husbandry and vermicomposting. Later she enrolled herself in W2E2 program where she got an opportunity to learn computer for the first time in her life. With the assistance of the program, she gained computers application skills and registered herself in DTP course at a local institute. Apart from the course, she also works as a coordinator in dCIRC, Angara where she promotes computer literacy among villagers.


Name: Kiran Devi
Address: Vill+Post- Rajadera, P.S.- Angara, Dist- Ranchi (Jharkhand)
Educational Qualification: 12th Pass
Activity: Agriculture

Kiran devi, who brought positive social change in her community by creating a group with other women of her community which they named ‘Samuh ka Bachat’. Main purpose of group is ‘Bachat’(savings) and it provides loans to the needy on very minimal or low interest rates. Her association as learner with W2E2 program acted as a game changer in her life. She learnt basic computers during the program and started using those skills in record keeping, maintenance of accounts and documenting details of ‘Samuh ka Bachat’. Kiran Devi’s self- help group is not just empowering community women by orienting them towards financial independence but at the same time, inspiring them to learn computers as well.


Name: Manisha Devi
Address: Vill- Janum, Post+P.S-Angara Dist- Ranchi (Jharkhand)
Educational Qualification: 8th Pass
Activity: Member Gram Sangathan Mahila Samiti

She belongs to a family of small farmers and runs a self-help group (SHG) in her village. The primary focus of her SHG is to promote sustainable agricultural practices, savings and providing loans to group members. With the help of W2E2 digital literacy program, she learnt basic computers. Her working style has entirely changed after the program and now she manages her SHG records and accounts digital. She is also involved in Chief Minister Food Program (Mukhya Mantri Dal Bhat Yojana) and runs a centre providing digital services to villagers at very nominal cost.


Name: Anjali Kumari
Address: Village-Soso, Post+P.S-Angara Dist- Ranchi (Jharkhand)
Educational Qualification: 8th pass
Activity: Member of Gram Sangathan Mahila Samiti

She is a member of self-help group(SHG) known as Mahila Sangarsh Suyam Sahayata Samhu). Her mother died when she was very young. The whole burden and responsibility of 3 other siblings came on her shoulder and due to that, she left her education when in the 7th standard. She even decided not to marry because she already had responsibilities of her younger siblings. With the loan she got from SHG, she managed to handle expenses of marriage of 2 siblings (the third sibling died). Joining SHG and W2E2 program was turning point of her life. She got an opportunity to visit Andhra Pradesh for training of formation of SHG’s and through W2E2 program she got the opportunity to learn basics of computers and internet. Now computer and internet is no more an alien product for her. She feels really proud to be digitally literate.


Name: Sunita Devi
Address: Village : Anagar , District : Ranchi , State Jharkhand
Activity: Book Keeper

After her marriage, she joined the society and started teaching the village children aged between 0 to 5 years. She created a group of villagers and started giving credits to other villagers. Sunita got training of book keeping under the scheme of LRLM and started working as book keeper. She learnt computer application from W2E2 program and on the basis of that learning, she applied for post the of trainer in dCIRC ,Angara where she worked for 3 months and later she moved to JSLPS (Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society) where she works as trainer.


Name: Yasmeen
Qualification: 8th Pass

Lack of education and exposure was never a hurdle for her. She wanted to do something to improve her social and economic status, so she joined W2E2 program and learnt fundamentals of computers and internet. Now, she has her own center where she is giving services like photocopying, scanning, downloading, photoshoping etc. This centre is source of satisfaction for her because through this she serves her community. In the next two years, she plans to expand the services of her center.


Name: Mirza Shahana
Qualification: Pursuing M.A

Mirza Shahana belongs to middleclass family and is pursuing MA. She always wanted to gain some additional skills to increase the scope of her livelihood opportunities so that she can support her family. With this in mind, she joined W2E2 programme where she learnt the basics of computer and internet. Now she has her own computer centre and giving services like MP online for government jobs, Collage competition forms, UID card, railway ticket booking etc.


Name: Sadma Bano
Qualification: Pursuing B.Com

She always wanted to be independent, her search ended with W2E2 programme. The knowledge she gained from W2E2 proved very crucial and on the basis of that knowledge, she runs her own computer center where she serves the society along with her livelihood. She provides many services in her center like teaching school going children, computer literacy, MP online for government jobs, electricity and water bills, UID card etc. She also plans to expand number of services at her center.


Name: Aasma Praveen
Address: Momin Mohhalla, Old Shivpuri

Aasma’s biggest motivation to join W2E2 programme was to learn computers. Now she knows what computers are and its various parts, what is internet and search engine, what services are available on internet, etc.? She was quite happy to see that women are coming forward to learn computer application skills and internet with the help of such programmes. Today, she has her own computer center where she spreads awareness about digital literacy. She also teaches computer application skills to other women in her community. She also teaches computer skills to Madarsa going students.


Name: Arshi Ansari
Education: Pursuing B.A

Arshi is a graduation student and knew the importance of computer literacy and digitalization in this era, this was the main reason for her to join W2E2 programme. She always wanted to serve her community. She is also spreading the same knowledge to her community members which she gained from W2E2 programme. Now she has her own computer centre where she gives online services to her community members. Today,she is a self-dependent women and computer center is the main source of her livelihood.


Name: Ayushi Joshi
Qualification: Pursuing B.A

Ayushi is currently pursuing graduation, in the future she wants to study LAW. Online services photocopy, typing and Photoshop are the activities which she is running at her centre. She feels proud when her own community members visits her centre and get crucial information related to government schemes, get assistance for schools/collages/university admissions , online banking and transactions etc. Now, she is one of respectable women of her community. She has dream of making every women in her community digitally literate and is working in this direction by promoting and teaching computer application skills at her centre.


Name: Ayushi Joshi
Qualification: Pursuing B.A

Ayushi is currently pursuing graduation, in the future she wants to study LAW. Online services photocopy, typing and Photoshop are the activities which she is running at her centre. She feels proud when her own community members visits her centre and get crucial information related to government schemes, get assistance for schools/collages/university admissions , online banking and transactions etc. Now, she is one of respectable women of her community. She has dream of making every women in her community digitally literate and is working in this direction by promoting and teaching computer application skills at her centre.


Name: Rukhshar

Rukhshar hardly knew anything about computers and internet. Digitalization and computer literacy were alien terms for her. W2E2 programme is platform which made her familiar with the terms like digital literacy and digitalisation. The main motivation for her to join this program was not just to learn computers and internet but to spread that same knowledge to other community members as well. She is capable of doing work on excel, word, paint etc. She is also capable of surfing Internet. She also takes help of search engines to find information regarding government schemes. At her centre, she has one laptop, printer and camera and she is giving services like photocopy, printing, passport size photograph etc.


Name: Nagina
Education: 12th Pass

She always wanted to step out of her house to learn something new and W2E2 programme was the platform where she learnt basics of computers application and internet. She said that “It was great to see that women are learning technology through such programs”. Today, she has her own center where she teaches basics of computer application and internet. Most of villagers visit her centre to get papers photocopied. In the longer run, she also plans to give services like e-banking, online shopping, online ticket booking etc.


Name: Yasmeen Mansoori
Education: 12th Pass

Yasmeen is a young, talented mehandi artist from Shivpuri. Her formal schooling may have only lasted till class 8th, but that didn’t stop her from dreaming big. As a trainee under the W2E2 programme, she expresses her desire to open her own computer centre where she could teach more women of her community to work on computers and the internet. Besides, she wants to equipt her centre with MP online services, typing, photocopy and photoshop.


Name: Tasleem Qureshi

The training she received under the W2E2 programme greatly motivated Tasleem to open her own centre. Today, as a confident centre owner, Tasleem runs basic typing course, mehandi course and painting classes at her centre. ‘I think computer education can play a major role in taking our society forward by making them well informed’, says Tasleem. She plans to expand her centre further and offer more digital services in coming years.