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Community Members


A resident of Paraniya village in the Bhanwargarh block, Pritam is a 22-year-old who has shown great enthusiasm in learning about computers and getting general education under the Dushra Dashak programme. “I have learnt Microsoft Office applications such as Excel and can do data entry. I don’t yet know the work of networking but right now I am learning it from the W4C programme and also applying whatever I am learning in practice. Before I joined this programme I was a labourer. All of my family members are labourers. There are four members in my family and together we used to earn Rs 200 per day. Now I alone earn more than that daily. I teach Hindi and English typing and data entry to students for a fee. I can also use Gmail as well as Facebook, and share documents related to MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) using Google docs,” he says.

Mohammed Asim

Mohammed Asim, 26, learned the traditional craft of weaving from his parents and other senior family members. Following his training under the W4C programme at the Chanderiyaan complex two years ago, he purchased his own computer, along with appropriate software using revenue from his weaving business, to enable him to create his own weaving designs. He is now using the PC and a three-in-one printer to run a shop from his home providing all kinds of digital services, including mobile recharge, Haj and Umrah travel arrangements, scanning and photocopying. “Business is gradually picking up as more and more people are learning about the services I am providing,” he says. “Before the Chanderiyaan project we used to earn only about Rs 2,000 to 3,000 a month. Now we earn at least three times more than that.”

Ashish Singh

Ashish Singh owns a restaurant cum online gaming club near Guna Railway station. He needs a high speed internet connection for his online gaming club. Prior to using Guna Wireless Network(GWN), he was using BSNL networks which went down frequently. This hampered his business a lot. With GWN he not only gets high quality internet service but he is also not bound by data traffic limit.


Atul is a faculty at Shivangi College in Guna, Madhya Pradesh. He uses internet to browse study material and talk to his family via Skype. Prior to Guna Wireless Network (GWN) he used 3G plan of Rs 950/month that caused constant network connectivity issue. Last year, he decided to initially take a monthly plan of Rs 500 which offered him unlimited download. Currently, Atul uses Youtube and Skype on a daily basis and has no connectivity issues except a few glitches during bad weather.

Anil Lodha

Anil Lodha has a computer training institute where he also runs a cyber cafe. Since there is no internet café in the neighbourhood, high speed internet is a basic requirement for attracting customers. Anil was using a BSNL connection which was unsatisfactory, they would take weeks to respond to complaints. He opted for Guna Wireless Network last year. Satisfied with the service he says “a person comes within 10 minutes of lodging a complaint and now he is able to serve the community better.

Anju Yadav

Anju Yadav, works at a CIRC , where she provides online services to local community.These services include Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee act making job cards and payment info,applying for jobs, booking train tickets and providing information about various government schemes. She believes, “ Sincethe Guna Wireless Network has been created , people are showing much enthusiasm in computer also parents want their children to be computer literate and are willing to buy computers and get internet connections”.

Ravi Kumar

Ravi Kumar, In a quest to buying better services, he opted for the Guna Wireless Network for his work related to providing insurance services. In his daily job he needs to use internet to upload documents and scanned images and send them to the company. He is now able to provide prompt services to his clients and update all his work promptly.

Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan is an acting director at MaharahiShivangi Nursing College situated in Guna. His daily requirement for internet is to update college website. However, there were no satisfactory internet service available in Guna, He used to visit cyber café’s for his routine job. In 2013 he opted for one lease line of Guna Wireless Network for his college. Today, he is so impressed and satisfied that he has opted for five more lines.

Rajesh Rathore

Rajesh Rathore is a well-known businessman from Gunaand deal in the business of trucks. He wanted wire free internet service as he did not want his well painted house to get cluttered. Understanding his requirements Guna Wireless Network established access point at his home without even placing any wire. Rajesh now uses Wifi for all his devices. He is now wirelessly wired!

Bhupat Singh

Bhupat Singh, is working with State bank of India, located in Haripur in Guna district and deals with opening new bank accounts. Prior to Guna Wireless Network. Today, he can provide quality service to his customers. The banking services have become easily accessible to people of Haripur.

Anshul Jain

Anshul Jain works at atoll booth, where his prime responsibility is to manage CCTV camera and update the same in the server. High speed internet connectivity is very essential. Internet services provided by Guna Wireless Network have enabled Anshul to manage the CCTV cameras and he can easily update the same on the website. He say’s “Toll tax officers are very happy with bandwidth and services that they are receiving from Guna Wireless network and its staff.’’

Akhil Srivastava

Akhil Srivastava, always wanted to open his own cyber café but could not because of costly internet plans. Prior to taking a connection from Guna Wireless Network (GWN), his cyber cafe had one computer system which was connected with internet. He later opted for a 512 Kbps GWNand has opened his own cyber café, with multiple access devices.

Brajesh Raghuvanshi

Brajesh Raghuvanshi, director Ma Nihaal Public Higher Secondary school. He needs internet connection mostly for the submission of online examination forms in Madhya Pradesh Education board. Since his school is located in outer Guna, no internet service provider has yet reached them. After switching to Guna Wireless Network his students and their parents are delighted.

Rohit Jaini

Rohit Jain, director Graffix College, has 44 computers in his college but only one computer has internet connection through a data card. Students here generally use internet for project work but one connected computer is insufficient. When BSNL never turned up for a broadband connection on Rohit’s repeated attempts, he opted for Guna Wireless Network, which is not only cost effective but also provides quality services.