success stories

Evolution of communication on campus

Over the years, communication has moved from post and telegram to telephones and now to emails and social media. Ramkaranji, who looks after external communication, guest facilitation and lodging, says the Internet has bbeen extremely helpful to his work.

Conserving drinking water, offline and online

One of the major solution areas under which Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan, works is Water. Each individual on the campus believes that every drop of fresh water that falls on the ground should be harnessed for use.

Supporting radio listeners, on air & on ground

Every morning at 7 am about 40,000-60,000 people in and around the village of Tilonia in Ajmer district of Rajasthan turn on their radio transistors and tune into 90.4 FM to listen to Norat Mal and Aarti Devi’s broadcast.

A young girls has big aspirations

Madiyash is a new recruit at Barefoot College who has been hired by Digital Empowerment Foundation as a coordinator. She is 18 years old and aims to be a journalist.

Internet brings in a new era of fundraising

When it comes to the social media strategy of Barefoot College, it believes in ‘Gift-and-Ask’ in the ratio of 70:30. While ‘ask’ is any post or update that asks the public to click, donate, share or do something…

Women in Tilonia have found a new love

Twenty iPads are used at Barefoot College for women enrolled for the national and international solar training programme. Another 10 iMac systems are used for training schoolchildren in digital literacy.

Four women make low-cost sanitary napkins

People usually start thinking of retirement when they’re about to touch 60 but not this woman. Sixty year- old Bodhi Devi has been working with Barefoot College in Tilonia for the last three years, ever since her husband died of a heart attack.