Phase IV

Project Wireless for Communities (W4C) – Phase IV
Programme Wireless Women for Entrepreneurship & Empowerment (W2E2)
  • To promote internet based social enterprise and entrepreneurship among women as change agents;
  • To have internet and ICT for gender inclusion in social and economic empowerment;
  • To boost traditional skills among women in cluster based environment and help reach market and sustainability.
  • To select 40  women entrepreneurs in 4 locations to provide training and capacity building to the selected women so that they run their micro enterprise successfully;
  • To provide dedicated wireless internet to support micro women social enterprise which may also serve as an entrepreneurial driven center to serve public scheme information, ICT services, ICT vocational skills and other supporting activities to socially and economically sustain the enterprise;
  • To help them in developing their websites and train them to manage it constantly;
  • Ranchi (Jharkhand)
    In Ranchi, W2E2 programme was launched on 9 March 2014 in Angada block of the district.
    10 women were selected from various domains of fishing, agriculture, teaching, Anganwadi, etc. The program took its first step towards providing computer training on 15th March 2014. Women aged between 19 years and 40 years showed their interest to be part of the programme.
  • Chanderi (Madhya Pradesh)
    On 26 April 2014, W2E2 programme was launched in Chanderi. The programme identified 10 women who had entrepreneurial skills.
    Ten women aged between 18 years to 35 years were to be a part of the programme and they explored the entrepreneurial skills and earned livelihoods using ICT tools, including internet.
  • Shivpuri (Madhya Pradesh)
    The programme was launched on 25 May 2014 after identifying 10 women who showed their interest to be entrepreneurs. Women aged between 18 years and 26 years were selected for the programme.
    They were selected from Self Help Groups (SHG), agriculture, teaching and various other professions such as tailoring, handicrafts and painting etc.
  • Tura (Meghalaya)
    The programme was launched in Tura on 26th May, 2014 by organizing one-day inception programme for the women.
    With 10 women selected from across various domains of SHG’s, agriculture, teaching, etc.
  • Baran (Rajasthan)
    The W2E2 programme was launched in Baran W4C (Wireless for Communities) centre. From there, five women were identified for this programme. Selected five women across various domains of SHG’s, agriculture, teaching, etc., were trained for the programme. The training was completed and ten laptops were handed over to the center. As per the last report received they are working in their own domain  area.